CS 1.6 HighFPS Models v1.03 - FIXED Crouch HitBoxes

  • Extract into your /Steam/SteamApps/your@account/counter-strike/cstrike -directory

These models have fixed crouch animations which were buggy in ballheads

Based on [n]Maximum Overdrive's ballheads-models. Crouch hitbox problems fixed.

Fixed by mjp (Qnet)

Converted to CS1.6 by mortti (ircnet)

Verry son screens in game !

Download 7 mb

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  • TPhentr avatar
    TPhentr Offline
    Member Joined 1 year ago

    This is... GREAT!! My CS1.6 is now around 80fps (before 50fps)

    i hope Someone would do the High FPS Weapon Models. get it? Default weapon but low Poly.

    Sorry for bad English!

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    Sample Text
  • OAAA avatar
    OAAA Offline
    Member Joined 2 years ago

    Pixel Strike xD But that's cool for Veeeery old computer and laptop users

  • Devieus avatar
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    Moderator Joined 5 years ago

    I was wondering if I could release a team-colored version of this pack; so is it alright by you?

    Sentinel of the TV remote avatar
    User Title
    Sentinel of the TV remote
  • daggerjerry avatar
    daggerjerry Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Posted by FATE99 My CS can perform faster now!

    mine performs 100% better thanks bro for making this

  • iCEW0LF avatar
    iCEW0LF Offline
    894 points Ranked 4320th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    this maybe works, but models are even worse than default ones!

    Bacon with onionz avatar
    User Title
    Bacon with onionz
  • sammymcjack avatar
    sammymcjack Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Man, my old pc was getting 60 frames per second (horrible for combat) this really sped it up to a MAX of 60 frames, it's like having a brand new computer!

  • FATE99 avatar
    FATE99 Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    My CS can perform faster now!

    Live, dead, win, lose. avatar
    User Title
    Live, dead, win, lose.
  • hATEME1337 avatar
    hATEME1337 Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Verry usefull. =) 10/10


  • FpsTraitor avatar
    FpsTraitor Offline
    752 points Ranked 4999th
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Dude This has changed my gaming in counter-strike. THANK YOU FOR PLACING THE BODY PARTS ON THE HITBOXES!! If only I can still rate this, I'm going to rate this 11/10.

    I checked my FPS with high poly models when I played it it was 9 - 30 (yeah I have a crappy computer). And when I used these low poly models, I just had 23 - 63 FPS!! It really made my online gaming really faster and better.

    The Rush
  • [T]eKn;o avatar
    [T]eKn;o Offline
    Member Joined 5 years ago

    Hmm nice models i tested them and my fps grown by 40 lol. Nice model!


    WeW TeChNo:X


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5 years ago


  • Construction * Poly Count : largest is 262 Vert Count : Skin Count : one a piece Base : blockheads Editor used : milkshape3d
    Known Bugs : hostage models don't have multiple skins (original ones do) I couldn't figure out how to compile them with multiple skins so all non-scientist hostages are wearing orange jumpsuits Build/Animation time : ~20h

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