How to Install Z-Bot for Counter-Strike 1.6

This is how to install ZBOT for Counter-Strike 1.6. Think of ZBOT as an add on to Counter-Strike 1.6. Counter-Strike 1.6 does not allow you to play against bots alone. So, instead, there are files that are made called ZBOT that allows you to play with bots if the files are installed correctly into your cstrike folder.

NOTE: All the ZBOT files will be installed inside your cstrike folder. Go to
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\your_email\counter-strike\cstrike

Also you want to make a backup of your liblist.gam file inside of your cstrike folder (Steam). It would be a good idea so just in case if you want to uninstall Zbot - you can. A tip is to move the file to your desktop and make the file hidden.

Now lets begin.

1) Go to Google and type ZBOT for Counter-Strike 1.6 or just download it here.
(If link is not broken). There are various sites where you can download ZBOT from.

2) Extract the files to a temporary location to a place that you can easily remember; preferably the Desktop.

3) Open your newly added ZBOT folder and double click on Zbot. Double click again on cstrike.

4) Now open your cstrike folder at the path, C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\your_email\counter-strike\cstrike. Resize both cstrike windows so that they are facing one another. This is the easiest way to transfer files between two folders.
NOTE: The two cstrike folders will be confusing to follow. I will label which cstrike folders are which.
(As seen in Screen Shot A).

5) Look at the first folder, dlls in the ZBOT folder. Inside this folder is the zbotcz.dll file. Move it to the dlls folder in the Steam Folder.
(As seen in Screen Shot B).

6) Next is the Sounds folder in the ZBOT folder. Highlight both of the folders, misc and radio, with your mouse and move them both to your Sounds folder in the Steam Folder.
(As seen in Screen Shot C).

7) Then look at your Sprites folder in your ZBOT folder for a file called, shadow_circle.spr. Drag that file to your Sprites folder in the Steam folder.
(As seen in Screen Shot D).

8) Last but not least, highlight all the rest of the files: BotCampaignProfile, BotChatter, BotProfile, commandmenu.txt, zbot_command and liblist.gam in your ZBOT folder and move them to your Steam folder.
(As seen in Screen Shot E).

To uninstall ZBOT:

Remove these files in your cstrike folder (STEAM).

1) SOUND - - misc | radio

2) dlls - - zbotcz.dll

3) Sprites - - shadow_circle.spr

4) BotCampaignProfile | BotChatter | BotProfile |commandmenu.txt | zbot_command.txt

5) Delete the liblist.gam file and then go to your Desktop and unhide the liblist.gam you hid before and then move that to your cstrike folder (STEAM).

How to operate ZBOT?

Go into Counter Strike 1.6 and select New Game. Select your map and any other credentials that you want to have (Round Limit, etc) on the other menu.

When your map loads and you start the game. Press "H" on your Keyboard. This will bring up the menu.
(As seen in Screen Shot F).

  • Quick Add Bot

    This adds a quota of one bot to the opposing side. (If you are on the terrorists team, the bot would be added to the CT side, and vice versa).

  • Set Bot Level

    This sets the bot(s) difficulty level. The difficulties are: Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert.

  • Add Specific Bot

    This adds a bot to either of the two teams, T and CT. You have a choice.

  • End Round

    This ends the current round of the match.

  • Kill all Bot

    This kills all Bots on the map.

  • Bot Quota

    This will add a quota of five, seven and nine bots on the map. It evens the team up of course.

  • Weapon Mode

    Knives Only => This will allow bots to only use knives.
    Pistols Only => This will allow bots to only use Pistols.
    Snipers Only => This will allow bots to only use Sniper rifles.
    All Weapons => This will allow bots to use all of the weapons.
    Allow Shield => This will allow bots to use the Tactical Shield.
    Allow Shotgun => This will allow bots to use Shotguns.

  • Bot Join Team

    Terrorist => The next bot that you add will be added to this team.
    Counter Terrorist => The next bot that you add will be added to this team.

  • Bot Stop

    On => Will stop all bots in place. This is great if you want to take screenshots of skins and stuff to post on fps :D.
    off => Turns the option off if the "on" setting is set.

  • Map Change

    Changes the Map.

  • Settings

    Pause => Pauses the game
    Restart => Restarts the map

    Feedback is appreciated.

    NOTE: This also works on Windows Vista.

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    • it is work
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    Posted by Vodka[95] IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!

    you need a .dll files. it's called metamod search the metamod at google (i forget the website i've download that) and extract the metamod.dll into cstrike/addons/metamod

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