Installation Tutorial dedicated server Steam or Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam on Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7

To install a Counter Strike 1.6 server, you need the following: a.Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, processor 1000 ghz, 256 ram memory Internet b.Conexiune c. 300 - 400 MB free disk

Steps that have to do to install Counter Strike 1.6 server

  1. The first thing you should do is to download the installer here Counter Strike 1.6 Server create a new folder anywhere Creator.Then the disk, preferably call it HLDS. Can be called anyway but it is easier to explain it, this name is classic.
  2. You have to do next steps:

Double click on executable Counter-Strike 1.6 Server Creator.exe. Selection window will appear the installation folder. Looking HLDS - folder that you created - and click OK. Note that you must be necessarily connected to the Internet. Then you Next and Install. After a few seconds - be patient if it does not appear immediately - a window will appear black on the screen that will show progress installation. When this installer download all the basic components of a Counter Strike 1.6 server in your HLDS folder. This process may take some time, depending on internet connection speed. When the installer will check HLDS finish the job. If it has 315 MB (approximately), all components have been downloaded counterstrike server, so everything is fine.

Make a copy of HLDS folder to have a backup in case something goes bad later and have to take it again. So you will not have to download the new server with Server Creator.

  1. Now you have activated the plugin: Metamod 1.19. For this go to HLDS \ cstrike \ liblist.gam and go there the next line (as others):

    < gamedll "addons\metamod\dlls\metamod.dll" > *whitout "<>"

save the file and exit.

  1. Now we need to make the server to be accessible to all players - and those who do not have steam. If you want to be just Steam server, skip this part. Patched for No Steam server can be done by two methods. Choose only one of them:

4.1 swds.dll file using the classical method. No Steam patch download 47 +48 from here, unzip, double click the executable and choose the HLDS installation folder.

4.2 The second method is to install plugin dproto (Protocol Manager). Download 0.4.1 + Fix.exe Dproto here, you double click the executable and choose the folder to install the main directory of the server (HLDS). Then go to HLDS \ cstrike \ addons \ metamod and open plugins.ini with Notepad or Wordpad, then add the following line there:

< win32 addons\dproto\dproto.dll > *whitout "<>"

After activation Metamod, this plugin will run to make the server accept clients No Steam. After you start the server you can check if this plugin works, giving the command console meta list. The answer would be this: dproto RUN - v0.3.7 ini Start Never dproto.dll

Attention! Installing this plugin is downloaded from a server with Server Original Creator, without any changes to DLLs (swds.dll, steam.dll or others).

Do not use both methods on the same server, but only one of them!

  1. Go to HLDS \ cstrike \ server.cfg (open it with Notepad or Wordpad: ie: double-click it and select Open with, "select the program from the list", and there looking Wordpad or Notepad - click it and OK) , delete everything there and copy the following lines:

< // server name hostname "Server Name"

// rcon passsword rcon_password "password"

// server cvars mp_friendlyfire 0 mp_footsteps 1 mp_autoteambalance 1 mp_autokick 0 mp_flashlight 1 mp_tkpunish 1 mp_forcecamera 0 sv_alltalk 0 sv_pausable 0 sv_cheats 0 sv_consistency 1 sv_allowupload 1 sv_allowdownload 1 sv_maxspeed 320 mp_limitteams 2 mp_hostagepenalty 5 sv_voiceenable 1 mp_allowspectators 1 mp_timelimit 25 mp_chattime 10 sv_timeout 65

// bots bot_quota 0 bot_quota_mode fill bot_difficulty 2 bot_chatter off bot_auto_follow 1 bot_auto_vacate 1 bot_join_after_player 0 bot_defer_to_human 1 bot_allow_rogues 0 bot_walk 0 bot_join_team any bot_eco_limit 2000 bot_allow_grenades 1 bot_all_weapons bot_allow_grenades 1 bot_allow_pistols 1 bot_allow_sub_machine_guns 1 bot_allow_shotguns 1 bot_allow_rifles 1 bot_allow_snipers 1 bot_allow_machine_guns

// round specific cvars mp_freezetime 6 mp_roundtime 5 mp_startmoney 800 mp_c4timer 45 mp_fraglimit 0 mp_maxrounds 0 mp_winlimit 0 mp_playerid 0 mp_spawnprotectiontime 5

// bandwidth rates/settings sv_minrate 0 sv_maxrate 0 decalfrequency 10 sv_maxupdaterate 60 sv_minupdaterate 10

// server logging log off sv_logbans 0 sv_logecho 1 sv_logfile 1 sv_log_onefile 0

// operation sv_lan 0 sv_region 0

// execute ban files exec banned_user.cfg exec banned_ip.cfg > *witout "<>"

  1. Now that your server to run on the internet and see the game list, you should go all in server.cfg, look for a line sv_lan 1. 0 instead of 1 pass and then you add the following lines in all who are there:

< setmaster add setmaster add setmaster add setmaster add setmaster add setmaster add setmaster add > *witout "<>"

Save the file and exit.

At this point, if you followed the instructions on, have a functional server for Counter Strike 1.6. For a sample you can start it like this. Search your HLDS file, executable hlds.exe (as shown), right clicking on it and "Send to desktop". It will appear on the screen the same icon as in HLDS. Double click will open the console. Now you, Start Server. You can enter the server. Take your time but, because it's not ready. Your installer has automatically installed AmxModX 1.8.1. AmxModX is plugin that helps you give commands to the server that you have control, you display the statistics and effects and you enter some specific sounds (such as monsterkill or headshot).

At this point you have three options: 1.Let server to run on Amx Mod X as it is installed! Recommended! 3.Install AdminMod, in which case you need Statsme statistics and sounds. 2.Install Clanmod, in which case you also need Statsme.

P.S: To make it visible on the game server list search on google Masterserver Setti and add your IP there! Also you can add it to Game Tracker to get widgets and statistics for youre blog/site/ or forum.

Also see: AmxMod comand list.

How to put admins.

How to Install AmxModX plugins.

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  • raza94 avatar
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    dear plzz help.....this server installer does not download all matter how many times i run it..its size remain up to 15mb only...kindly help me

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    Help! ERROR: couldn't open custom.hpk.


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    Posted by Qix Pros:

    • Informative


    • It's a wall of text. I had to use all my energy to read it!


    • Stick some headings in there, make use of code/quote tags, and space things out a bit more. A lengthy/spaced out tutorial is better than an unreadable tutorial!

    I know but these are the steps and for now I don't have time to make it more readable.

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  • Qix avatar
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    • Informative


    • It's a wall of text. I had to use all my energy to read it!


    • Stick some headings in there, make use of code/quote tags, and space things out a bit more. A lengthy/spaced out tutorial is better than an unreadable tutorial!


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    FPSBanana's Resident Fag
  • kalyn avatar
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    Posted by UnexpecteD_Gamer7 LOL It's to complicated. IT SHOULD BE EASIER!

    If it should be easier search one out for mee too:)) for the rest this is the easiest tutorial posible, just follow the step and you'll get it just fine.

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  • Dennis Leatherhoff avatar
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    this is private server?? how to create public server like everybody can join in my server?? thx :)

    Just lazy
  • UnexpecteD_Gamer7 avatar
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    LOL It's to complicated. IT SHOULD BE EASIER!


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    Also, in order to escape the italic when using multiple underscores, add a \ before each. Like so:

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    Posted by Logan Dougall You can edit tutorials you know. Right now it's a pretty bad tutorial when it's just a few links.

    Done whit this issue:) thanks for understanding!

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