how to take pictures in CS 1.6?. if I press the F5 key, it will not save anything, if I press the print screen and paste in paint surely the result is black or blank screen, I beg you to help me how to take pictures in CS 1.6???

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  • Maki Nishikino avatar
    Maki Nishikino Offline
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    In CS:S I just use FRAPS or "Control - Print Screen". I don't know if this could help. Also in full screen some games will show as black for screen shots. I would just use windowed mode and cut the picture so that the start menu is not showing.

  • XFree avatar
    XFree Offline
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    Have you check the screenshots folder ? (cstrike/screenshots)

  • Takatalvi avatar
    Takatalvi Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    Press F12 if you have the steam community activated in game.

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    It has been a while...
  • [Kokorov] avatar
    [Kokorov] avatar Offline
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    1 In game.

    2 Press the button that's in green. (For me is "Impr")

    3 Go to Gimp\Photoshop\etcetera and press Ctrl + v.

    4 Save it and you are done.

    Edit: It will work on gimp +90%

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  • MPD avatar
    MPD avatar Offline
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    Run cs, go to options, keyboard and find line where wireten snapshot, then set any key you want for making pics in that line. Use that key in game to take ss.

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    Man that used to create maps
  • shash7 avatar
    shash7 Offline
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    The print screen won't work for some games including cs 1.6
    To take a screenshot, start the game and press f5. Now go to your cstrike folder and a bmp by the name of your map which you were playing at that time will be there.

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    Got no fuel, running on pure a
  • Rovelle avatar
    Rovelle avatar Offline
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    just press F5, and find the screenshot inside the cstrike folder.

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