Counter-Strike 1.6

Ez_Jamin G3A3 on Soldier11 anims

Reposted by natko

Ez_jamin G3A3 on Soldier11 animations

  • PeeWee's included
  • custom sounds
  • Buy menu image


    Soldier11 - anims
    Ez_Jamin - G3 Model
    Teh Snake - G3 textures, hand textures
    Lakedown - sounds
    I dunno - sounds
    Jinx 786 - previous compile
    Treasure - render
    CadeOpreto. - Hand rig, css port, compile, magpocket model/textures
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  • Razork avatar
    Razork Offline
    Member Joined 4 years ago

    el arma se ve algo vieja... pero buen skin ;) // the weapon looks some old... but good job skin!


  • CadeOpreto avatar
    CadeOpreto avatar Offline
    9,372 points Ranked 413rd
    Member Joined 6 years ago

    oh, old submission. ;)

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  • Pete3D avatar
    Pete3D avatar Offline
    58,235 points Ranked 60th
    Member Joined 9 years ago

    Ouch, downsizing those textures seems to have hurt it pretty badly. Seeing as the textures were intended for source and have very little painted lighting, they overall look really blurry and flat.

    I've no idea how the UV layout on this model is, but perhaps it'd be possible to cut down the textures of this model onto multiple 512s? You'd get a much better result with the textures, and even more so if you painted some lighting back onto the textures to make up for the lack of definition.

    Also, are you running 'gl-max-size 512' in your config.cfg? (the - should be _ there, but dumb post formatting won't let me) By default it's 256 which resizes all textures ingame to smaller size, and since lots of custom stuff for GoldSrc CS uses 512s you might be missing out.


  • KillerExe_01 avatar
    KillerExe_01 avatar Offline
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    UltraSound Flag Affiliation: UltraSound
    Moderator Joined 5 years ago
    KillerExe_01 avatar
    UltraSound Flag

    The other sounds are by Vunsunta as far as I can tell.

    Head Sounds Moderator avatar
    User Title
    Head Sounds Moderator
  • Broken Arrow avatar
    Broken Arrow Offline
    1,715 points Ranked 2265th
    Member Joined 3 years ago

    Awesome! I just love that buttstock magazine pouch, I have one of those on my AR-10. :)

    M16A1 5.56mm NATO M193


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