Counter-Strike 1.6

Avalanche Arctic Corps Hooded Unit(MW2 style skin)

![]( "")
-This skin have now this custom face texture-
![]( "") (the render shows the original previous face so don't mind it. The rest of the skin remains intact) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The hooded version of Avalanche Arctic Corps Unit skin. This Modern Warfare 2 style skin is based on the Ultranationalists (The enemies units on MW2 campaign mission "CLIFFHANGER") Almost the 100% of the textures are new or highly edited by me. I created the naming and the insignia for this particular unit. Sue12bull did the essential hacking for this model. He incorporated the hood on the LACa's default model This submission has no custom animations and the models doesn't have a C4 Backpack which is a shit (I will be following for further updates) But it has optional textures like: *Jungle camo sleeves by Slimnooze
*Snow camo pants by Slimnooze (derived from Killing in the name of's pants)
*New boots by Slimnooze (which looks more like snow boots) GUI player menu image included! Hope you like it! ¡ENJOY IS THE BASICS!
![]( "")
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