Kukri for CS 1.6

Now for CS 1.6!

Kukri for CS 1.6 Skin screenshot

Now for CS 1.6.


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  • dukunngepetz avatar
    dukunngepetz Offline
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    4 years ago:

    i download it and i textured it with Zombie hand stuff, the result is amazing! the anims fit perfectly!

  • FATE99 avatar
    FATE99 Offline
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    4 years ago:

    What? NO P_knife? :sigh: bad...

    Live, dead, win, lose. avatar
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    Live, dead, win, lose.
  • Nonon Jakuzure avatar
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    4 years ago:

    No P Model?Because Too High Polys?Or Too Lazy?

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    Honnōji Academy Shitennō!


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Original Authors
Model, UV's, Skin, Anims
Teh Snake
Hands/Arms textures


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Model Class
New Custom Model
Texture Class
Custom Texture


Date Added
4 years ago
Date Modified
4 years ago


Skill LevelRatingVotes
Expert+++ 9 to 10 30
Expert++ 9 to 10 20
Expert+ 9 to 10 10
Expert 9 to 10 5
Intermediate+ 8 to 8.99 3
Intermediate 7 to 7.99 3
Beginner+ 6 to 6.99 2
Beginner 5 to 5.99 2
Beginner- 0 to 4.99 2

Ratings Breakdown

Overall 9.8 6 9 to 10


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