Counter-Strike 1.6

250-259 10aa LJ Script

bind f8 "250_259_OFFPS"
alias 250_259_OFFPS "options; prehighqualitygaming; jhighqualitygaming; highqualitygaming; jhighqualitygamingstop; shighqualitygaming; finalhighqualitygaming; highqualitygamingfinalstop; minoptions"
alias shighqualitygaming "stoppre; highqualitygamingls; highqualitygamingrs; highqualitygaminglst; highqualitygamingrst; highqualitygamingfinal; highqualitygaminglstr; highqualitygamingrstr; highqualitygaminglsf"
alias highqualitygamingls "inhighqualitygamingl; highqualitygamings; minhighqualitygamingl"
alias highqualitygamingrs "inhighqualitygamingr; highqualitygamings2; minhighqualitygamingr"
alias highqualitygaminglst "inhighqualitygamingl; highqualitygamings3; minhighqualitygamingl"
alias highqualitygamingrst "inhighqualitygamingr; highqualitygamings4; minhighqualitygamingr"
alias highqualitygaminglstr "inhighqualitygamingl; highqualitygamings5; minhighqualitygamingl"
alias highqualitygamingrstr "inhighqualitygamingr; highqualitygamings6; minhighqualitygamingr"
alias highqualitygaminglsf "inhighqualitygamingl; highqualitygamings7; minhighqualitygamingl"
alias stoppre "cl_yawspeed 900; highqualitygaming; cl_yawspeed 700; highqualitygaming; cl_yawspeed 500; highqualitygaming8; minhighqualitygamingr"
alias highqualitygamings "cl_yawspeed -280; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 480; highqualitygaming7; cl_yawspeed 765; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygamings2 "cl_yawspeed -130; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 448; highqualitygaming7; cl_yawspeed 700; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygamings3 "cl_yawspeed -120; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 445; highqualitygaming6; cl_yawspeed 700; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygamings4 "cl_yawspeed -130; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 437; highqualitygaming5; cl_yawspeed 600; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygamings5 "cl_yawspeed -130; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 420; highqualitygaming5; cl_yawspeed 650; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygamings6 "cl_yawspeed -130; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 410; highqualitygaming4; cl_yawspeed 500; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygamings7 "cl_yawspeed -130; highqualitygaming2; cl_yawspeed 410; highqualitygaming"
alias inhighqualitygamingl "mlhighqualitygaming; lhighqualitygaming"
alias minhighqualitygamingl "minlhighqualitygaming; mmlhighqualitygaming"
alias inhighqualitygamingr "mrhighqualitygaming; rhighqualitygaming"
alias minhighqualitygamingr "minrhighqualitygaming; mmrhighqualitygaming"
alias prehighqualitygaming "cl_yawspeed 92; ffhighqualitygaming; fhighqualitygaming; inhighqualitygamingr; phighqualitygaming1; cl_yawspeed 119; phighqualitygaming2; mffhighqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygaming2 "highqualitygaming; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygaming3 "highqualitygaming2; highqualitygaming"
alias highqualitygaming4 "highqualitygaming2; highqualitygaming2" 
alias highqualitygaming5 "highqualitygaming2; highqualitygaming3"
alias highqualitygaming6 "highqualitygaming3; highqualitygaming3"
alias highqualitygaming7 "highqualitygaming3; highqualitygaming4"
alias highqualitygaming8 "highqualitygaming4; highqualitygaming4"
alias highqualitygaming9 "highqualitygaming4; highqualitygaming5"
alias highqualitygaming10 "highqualitygaming5; highqualitygaming5"
alias fhighqualitygaming "highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10"
alias phighqualitygaming1 "highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10 highqualitygaming2"
alias phighqualitygaming2 "highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming2"
alias finalhighqualitygaming "highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10; highqualitygaming10"
alias ffhighqualitygaming "+forward"
alias highqualitygaming "wait"
alias mffhighqualitygaming "-forward"
alias highqualitygamingfinal "+duck"
alias highqualitygamingfinalstop "-duck"
alias mlhighqualitygaming "+moveleft"
alias mmlhighqualitygaming "-moveleft"
alias lhighqualitygaming "+left"
alias rhighqualitygaming "+right"
alias minrhighqualitygaming "-right"
alias minlhighqualitygaming "-left"
alias mrhighqualitygaming "+moveright"
alias mmrhighqualitygaming "-moveright" 
alias jhighqualitygaming "+jump"
alias jhighqualitygamingstop "-jump"
alias options "cl_sidespeed 300;sv_airaccelerate 10"
alias minoptions "cl_sidespeed 400"

KEY f8


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    • i've got a problem with the lj script,it says "script Or you use (left)rights keys :/ can someone help me please?


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