League Demo Recorder

alias "h1r" 	"record 1stHALF_DEMO_NAME_HERE" // <-- Before Scrim replace "1stHALF_DEMO_NAME_HERE" With Your Demo Name
alias "h2r" 	"record 2ndHALF_DEMO_NAME_HERE" // <-- Before Scrim replace "2ndHALF_DEMO_NAME_HERE" With Your Demo Name

alias "w10" "wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait;wait"
alias "w00" "w10;w10;w10;w10;w10;w10;w10;w10;w10;w10"
alias "pic" "+showscores;w10;snapshot;w10;-showscores"
alias "e3"  "echo;echo $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$;echo"
alias "eS"  "echo -------------------------------------------"

alias "1hs" 	"e3;echo 1st Half Demo Started;h1r;eS;echo Press 'HOME' When The 1st Half is Over;e3;toggleconsole"
alias "1he" 	"e3;echo 1st Half Demo Ended;stop;eS;2hs"
alias "2hs" 	"echo 2nd Half Demo Started;h2r;eS;echo Press 'HOME' When The 2nd Half is Over;e3;toggleconsole"
alias "2he" 	"e3;stop;echo Demos Recorded, Screenshots Taken!;e3;toggleconsole;saygg"
alias "h1say" 	"say_team Start Recording 1st Half Demos!;w00;say Good Luck & Have Fun!"
alias "h2say" 	"say Good Half;w00;say_team Stop 1st Half Demos & Start Recording 2nd Half Demos"
alias "saygg" 	"say Good Game;unbind HOME;alias tape"

alias "h1start" "h1say;1hs;alias tape h1end"
alias "h1end" 	"pic;w10;1he;h2start"
alias "h2start" "h2say;alias tape h2end"
alias "h2end" 	"pic;w10;2he"
alias "tape" 	"h1start"

bind "HOME" "tape"

e3;echo "                  m@Liciou$'s";	//
echo "      Best Demo Recorder v3 Ready";eS;	// Once you exec demo.cfg in console, this
echo "     Press 'HOME' When Your Ready";	// will tell you 'HOME' is ready to record.
echo "              To Start The Scrim";e3	//

//- Easy Demo Record (for Leagues) //- All you have to do BEFORE the match is, change the name of the //- demo to what you want. Located in the "h1r" and "h2r" lines below and save the changes. //- Then go into game and type "exec demo.cfg" without the quotes. You'll see a message in //- console to let you know it's ready.

//- A. Push "HOME" when your about to START the match. // -1. This will start the 1st half demo. // -2. Notify your teammates to "Start Recording 1st Half Demos!". // -3. It will also say "Good Luck & Have Fun!" to the opposing team.

//- B. After the 1st half is OVER push "HOME" for the 2nd time. // -1. This will pull up your scoreboard and take a screen shot. // -2. Then it will end the 1st half demo. // -3. Begin recording for the 2nd half. // -4. It will say "Good Half" to the opposing team. // -5. Tell your teammates to "Stop 1st Half Demos & Start Recording 2nd Half Demos".

//- C. When the 2nd half is OVER push "HOME" for the 3rd and final time. // -1. This will again pull up the scoreboard and take a screen shot. // -2. Then end the 2nd half demo and say "Good Game" for you. // -3. Lastly it will unbind "HOME" so you don't accidentally record over anything. // -4. You MUST exec the script again, in console, for it to work again.

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    Pretty cool I'll take a look at this later I'd like to start getting videos of our scrims and 10 mans



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